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Casino Mate

Posted on November 22, 2011


Casino Mate

Casino Mate is a deluxe online casino experience with a good conscience. As they were booming in popularity, they decided to approach Unite For Children to put some of the surplus profits from their business, which had become an internet sensation, to some good use.

Casino Mate supports education and gender equality through Unite For Children. As an authentically Australian casino, Casino Mate understands that what brings a country up from development to the first world is equal and quality education for children of both genders, as education is the foundation of a successful society.

Without education, there would be nothing for the new generation to bring to the world. Education not only develops mind, but develops habits and values that are the backbone of a functioning society. With over one billion children in the world suffering from corporal punishment and far more having no access to libraries, labs, and basic facilities like running water and shelter at school, Casino Mate is devoted to improving the conditions of education and making sure that every child around the world has access to quality education, regardless of their gender, age, culture or religion.