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Posted on December 16, 2011

Maple Casino

In any global pandemic, it is the most vulnerable people who get hit hardest. Thus, the HIVĀ  / AIDS pandemic is devastating for the world's children, leaving behind terribly disconnected societies, destructive myths, orphans and vulnerable young people without the information or resources to protect themselves.

Maple Casino is devoted to partnering with Unite For Children to ease the effects of the AIDS pandemic on the world's children, its most precious resource. With the help of companies like Maple Casino, Unite For Children can sponsor efforts of thousands of worthy NGO's who are helping make this world better.

AIDS is a huge problem with many facets, and every one must be addressed from the supply of medication to rural areas to the policy in governments regarding those sick and affected by the disease. The disadvantaged and vulnerable in society are often the hardest hit, and AIDS has not left the children of the world unscathed. With orphans, single mothers and over eight million children in residential care around the world, future generations will look upon those influential and powerful leaders today for their reactions.

We will be seen as either heroes or cowards by future generations who know what the outcome of this pandemic will be, but such high-minded judgments pale in comparison to the real world suffering happening today in parts of the world without adequate health and educational resources.

Unite For Children is proud to partner with Maple Casino to stop the apathy around HIV AIDS and work towards a solution the whole world can benefit from.