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Posted on November 15, 2011

Casino UK

Seven million children died before reaching their fifth birthday, just in 2010. When hearing this figure, the brains behind Casino UK decided to partner with Unite For Children to help the worldwide health and wellbeing of children.

Though the infant mortality rate worldwide is steadily declining, there is not enough being done to ensure the health and safety of children is being safeguarded.

Since Casino UK has reached unprecedented success in the online gambling industry, becoming a household name for many, they decided to go beyond the usual few donations to charity and really make a difference with their brand power and international success.

Organisations like Unite For Children, UNICEF and Save The Children are all devoted to making a real-world difference by putting those seemingly impossible ideals into practice. By promoting awareness, giving emergency aide, and lobbying for change at both government and grassroots levels, Casino UK believes that supporting these real life heroes should be considered an obligation for every individual and business that has something to give, whether it's time, money, resources or simply their own voice, which can add awareness and spread the word about the pressing needs of these worthy organisations.